Created by one of the producer of The Office, SUPERSTORE is a workplace comedy about the employees at a big-box store. They're all doing time in blue vests: naive new hire Jonah (Ben Feldman of Mad Men), jaded veteran Amy (America Ferrera), clueless supervisor Glenn (Mark McKinney), and overeager manager Dina (Laura Ash). The customers may be cranky and weird, the store policies inexplicable, the many trainings nap-inducing. But when all's said and done, the superstore is like a kind of home and the people who work in it a reluctant kind of family -- or as annoying and ever-present as family, anyway.

S1 Episode 11: Labor2016-02-23 01:40:28
S1 Episode 10: Demotion2016-02-16 01:36:34
S1 Episode 9: All-Nighter2016-02-09 01:37:05
S1 Episode 8: Wedding Day Sale2016-02-02 01:38:46
S1 Episode 7: Sales Incentive2016-01-26 01:39:17
S1 Episode 6: The Secret Shopper2016-01-19 01:42:33
S1 Episode 5: The Shoplifter2016-01-12 01:40:59
S1 Episode 4: Mannequin2016-01-05 01:45:39
S1 Episode 3: Mannequin2015-12-01 07:18:45
S1 Episode 2: Magazine Profile2015-12-01 04:08:45
S1 Episode 1: pilot2015-12-01 03:42:04